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What We Do

Preferred Platform Partners (PPP) evaluates and creates the best custom business plan to help your business grow globally. Based on our assessment of your business, we provide the custom tools and new market products that will fill in the business gaps to help your business with its brand, visibility and financial growth.


Our Approach

Our approach is simple. We evaluate your business, research the current market and create a business amendment plan to ensure your business is competitive with your industry.


Our Mission

Our goal is to help small businesses, non-profits, artist, athletics excel in their own industry. We setup LLCs, introduce clients to their perspective networks, provide ways to help businesses increase their working capital and so much more.


About Our Agency

PPP was created to empower businesses to provide valuable services and products for their buyers and potential buyers. Let us help your organization expand and connect globally.

Business Tools 

Are you recognized as a legit business? Are you using the right tools to function as a successful business? Have you created your business accounts, Dunns number and or LLC? Those are just a few things you will need to establish and to function as a business. Let us hep you get there.

Business Finance

Are you robbing “Peter to pay Paul” when it relates to your business finances? If so, let us help you create and establish your own business credit and more so you can function as a business and begin to pay yourself.


PPP By the Numbers

Use our experts and our experience to take your business to the next level.

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Preferred Platform Partners

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New Partners

“Coding is my thing! I love creating the best digital products, websites, and apps for my clients.

When I partnered with Preferred Platform Partners, my sales increased expeditiously. PPP created a better business model for business. With the new growth, I was able to hire additional programmers and meet the demands of new and existing clients, and my business never missed a beat.”

Tyra K

CEO, NTA Software Solutions